Client: White Camino // Creative Direction, Script: Melissa Fretwell // Direction, Design, Animation, Editing: Katcat Studio // VO: Natasha // Sound Design: TBC
Created for White Camino
Illustration/Styleframe I created with Adobe Illustrator. As part of this styleframe, I also designed the three characters featured in this section of the film.
A section of the storyboard for the film
I love sketched storyboards for an animated video as they give so much flexibility and they are so fast to make and amend. At the same time it's essential to define the style and aesthetic by sharing a few references and then make all or a few of the frames into styleframes, that will look as close to the final piece as possible.
Behind the scenes of Walk Cycle Rig with Limber plugin for After Effects by Animatable
To make for a more realistic, fluid animation look, a lot of different elements have to be animated such as the glasses, the hair, the accessories...and the list goes do the layers and keyframes!

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