Komal Verma - Senior Producer at FLETCHERWILSON
Komal is Kat's client
"Having worked on numerous jobs with Kat over the last year, I can say that she's very hardworking and always keen to develop and discover the best approaches and solutions. Her animations are of top quality and more than once I've briefed her and come back to see that she's gone ahead and pushed the look and animation forward, improving it from the initial expectations. She is amiable, adaptable, thorough and level headed, even under tight time constraints and has been just as competent working solely on a job, as well as linking up with other animators/editors too. As such, she has become a go-to animator for me to call upon when our internal animators are busy or when we need extra resource. I will always look forward to working with her!"
Melissa Fretwell Chartered MCIM-Marketing & Communications Consultant / Mentor/Founder of White Camino Marketing Agency
Melissa is Kat's client and managed Kat directly at the Box+Network
"At the risk of rolling out the cliches, Kat is a super creative designer and a delight to work with. She always brings fresh concepts and delivers in record time. While she has her own design style for personal projects, she has a chameleon like quality to her commercial work, creating idents, show titles and promos for diverse audiences, from 4Music to Magic and Kerrang!"

Duncan Macdonell - Senior Post Producer at Be Grizzlee LDN
Duncan was Assistant Producer/Project Manager at Sky Creative
"I produced the work that Kat did as a Motion GFX Designer for Titles and Sponsorship at Sky Creative. Kat is an exceptionally talented designer who comes up with innovative motion design solutions. She is proficient in both After Effects and Photoshop. She is hard working and I would highly recommend her as a designer".