Created at The Box+ Network: 1) Summer Feels 10) Mixtape 11) Fast Track 12) Magic Singles Of The Week // Created at Katcat Studio (personal projects): 2) Museum Milano Exercise for SoM's Advanced Motion Methods 7) The Weakest Point 13) Odyssey-Music Video for Bloodtooth // Created for Lively:  3)Coinbase Explainer (Design by Esme McKay) // Created for Loveblood Creative: 4) Ricoh MTP 2021 (Illustrations by Elisabetta Calabritto) // Created for Pretzel Films: 5) Deloitte AIP Animation // Created for Fletcher Wilson: 6) UiPath Animation 9) Dunnhumby NRF Showcase// Created for Teamspirit: 8)Wealthtime Sting (Design by Paul Vosloo)
Design and Animation by Kat Cat, unless stated differently. // Intro & Outro Sound Effects by Justin North // Music by Florian Farhay

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