Hello! I am Kat Cat, a freelance Motion Designer/Illustrator based between London and Athens. Katcat Studio is my creative space.
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About me
After having gained valuable experience in design, animation and branding both for TV and online platforms, through an 11-year career as a full time Motion Designer in London, I decided to start freelancing in April 2019.
Currently, I specialise in 2D animation with After Effects, including 2D character animation, for which I can also create bespoke illustrations and characters. I am passionate about smooth animation and I enjoy coming up with simple design solutions that communicate messages in an effective, elegant way.
I am happy to apply my design skills in various formats and to work on all stages of a project, from concept to storyboard through to completion.
I have also worked with Cinema 4D in the past, especially for highly stylised/illustrative designs and I have knowledge of Redshift Renderer. Although 3D animation is not yet my specialism, I am currently in the process of developing my 3D skills further.

Get in touch
If you have a project or collaboration you would like to talk about, please don't hesitate to email me or fill the form below.
I am fully set up to work remotely but I can also consider on-site.
Concept Development/Design/Storyboard/Styleframes/Assets Creation.
2D Animation with After Effects, including 2D Character Animation with Duik Bassel, Rubberhose or Limber.
Logo Design & Animation.
Digital Illustration.
Experience of 3D Animation with Cinema 4D and knowledge of Redshift Renderer.
Experience of hand drawn Animation with Adobe Animate.
Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator: Advanced level
Cinema 4D: Intermediate level
Adobe Animate: For hand drawn animation.
2021 International Music Video Underground Awards- August Semi Finalist for Best Animated Music Video for Odyssey.
2010 PromaxBDA UK Awards: Gold for Best Cross-Media Campaign for Sky’s TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal.

2006 PromaxBDA UK Awards: Hallmark Channel Student Award for Marketing and Advertising, Gold Muse.
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